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  1. Behind the Scenes with Meg Mac

    01 Oct 2015
    I was lucky enough to spend an evening with Meg Mac before and during one of her 4 sold out Melbourne shows recently. Here are the photos.

  2. Drapht in Melbourne

    21 Sep 2015
    One of my favourite things to shoot is the behind the scenes going ons before an artists performs a show. Recently, I was able to follow my friend Drapht around with a camera before and during this two recent Melbourne shots at the Corner Hotel Here are some of my…

  3. Seth Sentry at the Forum

    07 Sep 2015
    Behind the scenes and gig photos from Seth Sentry’s sold out show of the “Strange New Past” Tour, held at the Forum in Melbourne.

  4. Luka Lesson

    25 Aug 2015
    Recently I did a photoshoot for my really good friend Luka Lesson whilst my other amazing friend Claudia made a video for his latest spoken word release ANTIDOTE The whole concept for Luka’s new book and album revolves around snakes, so we spent a few hours with different kinds of…

  5. Ben Ellingworth

    05 Aug 2015
    Took some snaps for my buddy Ben Ellingworth, who’s an incredible talented drummer and currently tours with Illy. 

  6. Aurelia

    05 Aug 2015
    Another awesome personal shoot with Aurelia - we shot around her house for under and hour and got these awesome shots. MUA - Amanda Clayton / Alchemy Makeup Artistry 

  7. Amber Maree

    05 Aug 2015
    Took some time out to shoot some personal work and was lucky enough to do a shoot with this beauty!! Loved so many shots, that I thought I should do a whole blog post on her….  Model - Amber Maree

  8. Azealia Banks at the Prince Bandroom

    27 Jul 2015
    Epic show by Azealia Banks in Melbourne 

  9. Day in the life of Grey Ghost - throw back

    08 May 2015
    This is a throw back to 2013, the first day I ever met Grey Ghost, who’s now a really close personal friend and multi project collaborator! We instantly realised we looked like brother and sister and dress identical. lol!  We met at his barber shop and I took a few…

  10. Seth Sentry “Run” Tour Live Show Photos

    03 Apr 2015
    I thought I had to do a wrap up of my favourite live gig photos from the tour!  Soooo - here are my favourites shots from all the shows on the Seth Sentry “Run Tour” - February / March 2015. Please note - I didn’t attend the WA leg of…

  11. Seth Sentry “Run” Tour - Behind the Scenes

    28 Mar 2015
    I was stoked to be invited along on Seth Sentry’s ‘RUN’ tour during February / March 2015. These are my favourite behind the scenes photos from the entire tour! 

  12. YG Portraits

    19 Mar 2015
    I was fortunate enough to have a few moments with YG to take some portraits. A couple backstage, and a few the next day before he left. Here are my favourites. 


    19 Mar 2015
    Shooting in behalf of Westgate Entertainment - here are the highlights for the YG / TY Dollar $ign Show in Melbourne. YG Ty Dollar $ign

  14. Vic Mensa - Corner Hotel (Supported by Remi)

    19 Mar 2015
    Vic Mensa performs at the Corner Hotel Supported by Remi 

  15. Joey Badass / Run the Jewels @ The Forum

    19 Mar 2015
    Joey Badass at the Forum Run the Jewels at the Forum

  16. Nas - Sugar Mountain

    19 Mar 2015
    Had the opportunity to shoot NAS at the Sugar Mountain Show - what an honor to shoot such a legend of Hip Hop! 

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