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  1. Aurelia

    Date 05 Aug 2015
    Another awesome personal shoot with Aurelia - we shot around her house for under and hour and got these awesome shots. MUA - Amanda Clayton / Alchemy Makeup Artistry 

  2. Amber Maree

    Date 05 Aug 2015
    Took some time out to shoot some personal work and was lucky enough to do a shoot with this beauty!! Loved so many shots, that I thought I should do a whole blog post on her….  Model - Amber Maree

  3. Azealia Banks at the Prince Bandroom

    Date 27 Jul 2015
    Epic show by Azealia Banks in Melbourne 

  4. Day in the life of Grey Ghost - throw back

    Date 08 May 2015
    This is a throw back to 2013, the first day I ever met Grey Ghost, who’s now a really close personal friend and multi project collaborator! We instantly realised we looked like brother and sister and dress identical. lol!  We met at his barber shop and I took a few…

  5. Seth Sentry “Run” Tour Live Show Photos

    Date 03 Apr 2015
    I thought I had to do a wrap up of my favourite live gig photos from the tour!  Soooo - here are my favourites shots from all the shows on the Seth Sentry “Run Tour” - February / March 2015. Please note - I didn’t attend the WA leg of the…

  6. Seth Sentry “Run” Tour - Behind the Scenes

    Date 28 Mar 2015
    I was stoked to be invited along on Seth Sentry’s ‘RUN’ tour during February / March 2015. These are my favourite behind the scenes photos from the entire tour! 

  7. YG Portraits

    Date 19 Mar 2015
    I was fortunate enough to have a few moments with YG to take some portraits. A couple backstage, and a few the next day before he left. Here are my favourites. 


    Date 19 Mar 2015
    Shooting in behalf of Westgate Entertainment - here are the highlights for the YG / TY Dollar $ign Show in Melbourne. YG Ty Dollar $ign

  9. Vic Mensa - Corner Hotel (Supported by Remi)

    Date 19 Mar 2015
    Vic Mensa performs at the Corner Hotel Supported by Remi 

  10. Joey Badass / Run the Jewels @ The Forum

    Date 19 Mar 2015
    Joey Badass at the Forum Run the Jewels at the Forum

  11. Nas - Sugar Mountain

    Date 19 Mar 2015
    Had the opportunity to shoot NAS at the Sugar Mountain Show - what an honor to shoot such a legend of Hip Hop! 

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